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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Drugstore Haul!

After being cooped up for a week because of ice and snow here in Arkansas I decided to venture out and do a little shopping I recently bought some new items from Target, Big Lots, Wal-Mart. and Ulta.

 First up is Wal-Mart, I have been wanting to get some teeth whitening strips for awhile but the best ones are $50-$60 and I didn't want to spend that. I found these Crest noticeably white whitestrips which are $18, combined with Colgate optic white tooth paste $6 (I brush after whitening) and Crest 3D white mouthwash $6 I got great results!

 I have been a huge fan of the Freeman Beauty masks for years now, I love how they have the small sample sizes so you can try before you buy the full size. They have clay, paper, peel off, and warming masks along with a few facial scrubs as well for about $2 each I have tried most of them and they work amazing!

 I just recently started tanning again and I spotted the European Gold Dark Star 100x tanning lotion. It was about $9 I am almost out and I have noticed a big difference in my color. It has a nice floral scent but it does stain! European Gold also has some other tanning lotions that work about the same, after I tan I also use a tinted moisturizer at night and that helps to get my skin darker. It doesn't look orange or streaky so that's always a plus.

Last I picked up the Loreal voluminous extra volume collagen mascara $8 and the Loreal blackbuster eyeliner marker $6. I like the formula of the mascara I haven't noticed any flaking with it. The eyeliner marker is very comparable to the Physician's Formula eye booster eyeliner marker which I have been using for awhile now and I love it but the Loreal one is cheaper. It's smudge free but I only wear in on my top lash line, such a clean and precise line if you haven't tried it I highly recommend it!

Next up is Ulta, I only picked up a few things I already knew I was going to get the NYX turn the other cheek palette because I have the butt naked palette and absolutely love it! You get 15 eyeshadow colors, 4 blush shades, and 3 highlighter shades. I didn't  notice a bronzer shade in this one but there is one in the butt naked palette. $25

I recently smelled a sample of Taylor by Taylor Swift in a magazine and immediately fell in love with it. It has a vanilla candy type scent and Ulta carries many rollerball perfumes for around $20 if you don't want to invest in the full size so I was excited they had Taylor. I cannot begin to explain how much I love this perfume! Please go try it if you get a chance.

While I was in ulta a new Covergirl display caught my eye Trumagic skin perfector. There were three shades perfector translucent which is the one I got, sunkisser a bronzer, and sunkisser a shimmer highlighter. This reminds me of either the Mally evercolor poreless face defender or the benefit dr. feelgood. It basically does the same thing. You can wear it alone, under or over your foundation. When I use it I find if I use the sponge provided it will take off some of my makeup, but if I use my finger to dab it over my oily spots it does great! It really mattifies the skin and makes pores less visible. For $8 you can't beat it!

Big Lots is up next I picked up a soho blush brush for $4 I'm not too happy with it, it is pretty scratchy. I also picked up a 2 pack of rimmel jelly lip liner pencils, I hadn't heard of these and they sounded interesting they are very creamy!

Target was the last stop and I only picked up one item. Sonia Kashuk recently launched her bath and body line I smelled each scent but my favorite was the Yellow Alluriana it has a very bold lemon scent but the after scent is floral and it's awesome! It smells so fresh and clean it's $20 but the bottle is pretty big and it's filled to the top!

Friday, December 6, 2013

EOS Lip Balms

So I have been pretty obsessed with these lip balms from the beginning. The first one I purchased was summer fruit and it is still my favorite! If you are going to try one of these lip balms for the first time summer fruit would be my recommendation to you. These cost around $3.00 and are available at most drugstores, the packaging is a nice smooth sphere shaped plastic container with a screw on lid.

These are 100% natural and contain  vitamin e, shea butter, jojoba oil, and coconut oil. These contain beeswax and are petroleum free, also free of parabens and gluten. They go on very smooth but not greasy, I would say they last about 30 minutes on the lips so if you are looking for a product for very dry lips this may not be for you. This makes a great base for lipstick, I usually use one of these before I apply any lip product and it makes it go on so much smoother! These lip balms all have a sweet flavor to them and all go on clear.

                                First I will talk about the permanent flavors available:
       *Blueberry Acai-(blueberry scent)
       *Sweet Mint-(mint scent with a hint of cinnamon and it tingles on the lips)
       *Honeysuckle Honeydew-(honeydew scent)
       *Lemon Drop spf-(lemonade scent, contains spf 15)
       *Medicated Tangerine-(citrus scent, cand definitely smell the medicine)
       *Strawberry Sorbet-(strawberry candy scent)
       *Summer Fruit-(I cannot describe this scent, so fruity and just amazing!)
       *Pomegranate Raspberry-(raspberry scent)

                                  Limited edition flavors I have: Alice in Wonderland Trio:
                                 *Blueberry Potion-(smells the same as blueberry acai)
                                 *Watermelon Wonderland-(watermelon candy scent)
                                 *Sweet Vanilla Nonsense-(vanilla sugar scent)

When I was in Walgreens a few months ago I spotted another lip balm similar shaped to eos so I picked one up. The only flavor I saw was watermelon. The shape and packaging are very similar the lip balm inside has a flat surface on top though and this watermelon flavor is very similar to the smacker's watermelon lip balm.

I am really wanting to get my hands on the passion fruit eos lip balm, I hope I can find that one soon!

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Nivea Lip Butter Tins

I love anything that's in a tin, I have always found tin packaging so cute! I have been a fan of Nivea products for years, especially their lip balms so when I saw a sneak peek of the Nivea lip tins I kept an eye out until I found them in my Walgreen's. These are petroleum based lip butters that come in 4 flavors Smooth Kiss, Vanilla & Macadamia Kiss, Raspberry Rose Kiss, and Caramel Cream Kiss. They cost about $3-$4 each and are available at most drugstores. You get quite a bit of product 0.59 oz in each tin, these are very hydrating and I love the fact they contain shea butter and almond oil. I didn't bother swatching these because they come off clear.

Smooth Kiss- No scent, clear color
Vanilla & Macadamia Kiss- Vanilla bean scent, clear color
Raspberry Rose Kiss- Raspberry scent, pink tint color
Caramel Cream Kiss- Caramel popcorn scent, clear color
These wear beautifully under lipstick, worn alone I would say they have about 30 minutes to an hour of wear time depending on how much you put on. My favorite is Vanilla & Macadamia Kiss, I love anything vanilla! Have you tried these? What are your thoughts?

Thursday, November 7, 2013

About Me & My Blog :)

Hello and welcome to my blog! I realize there are a lot A LOT of beauty blogs out there, mine is dedicated mostly to drugstore and lower end makeup. I do not own any high end beauty products and do not plan to ever purchase any just because I like what I find at lower prices. I hope you will find this blog helpful, I try my best to be as detailed with my swatches and pictures as possible. I absolutely love makeup and I got really big into it about 2 years ago. Most of what I own is from e.l.f, Coastal Scents, NYX, and drugstore brands. I have a pretty big collection and plan to cover as many products as possible. If I can help someone find the right shade or review a product they are on the fence about purchasing the I have served my purpose :)

I am married with one daughter who will turn 5 next year (2014) and I am a stay at home mom. My husband is a firefighter and we live in a small town in Arkansas. We have two cats named Lexy and Bella, I love cats they are by far my favorite animal I would build the world's largest no kill cat shelter if I could :) Please join my facebook page and feel free to share your thoughts on makeup, your swatches, reviews and more!  I would love to hear from you! Makeup Case Facebook Page.

How I Wash My Makeup Brushes

Washing your makeup brushes is just as important as the brushes themselves. Overtime your brushes accumulate makeup, oil, dirt, and bacteria which can lead to clogged pores and breakouts. You should wash your makeup brushes at least once a week but I wash mine once every 2 weeks, that's why there is daily brush cleaner for in between deep cleanings. In this post I will talk about how I wash my makeup brushes and what I use to do so as well as some tips.

*Everyday Cleaning*- This is a convenient and simple step you can take to make sure your brushes are bacteria free between deep cleanings. You will need a daily brush cleaner such as the e.l.f Daily Brush Cleaner. All you need to do is spray the cleaner on the bristles of your brush and swipe the bristles back and forth on a paper towel, repeat if necessary to the bristles are clean. Drying time is short, only a few minutes using this method.

*Deep Cleaning*- This should be done every 1-2 weeks depending on how often you use your makeup brushes. Nothing beats a good deep cleaning, you should know not all shampoos and soaps contain an antibacterial ingredient so you should still include the daily brush cleaner in this step if your brush shampoo doesn't have a ingredient in it that kills bacteria.

Tools I Use-
-Brush Glove (optional) found my dupe on ebay, this thing will change your life!
-Brush Shampoo
-Daily Brush Cleaner

*Pre-treat- This is a step you should take if you have any heavily soiled brushes or brushes that have wax based or oil based products on them such as gel eyeliner and lip gloss. What you will need to do first is take some liquid eye makeup remover and pour a little in a cap or small cup, swirl the bristles of the brush in the solution long enough to loosen the product out.

*Washing- First hold your brush under the faucet using luke warm water, always hold the brush downward to avoid getting any water into the ferrule because it can loosen the glue causing your bristles to fall out! After your bristles are thoroughly soaked spray some of the brush cleaning solution on the bristles but do not rinse, you can skip this step if the brush shampoo you are using contains a antibacterial ingredient. Next add a nickle size amount of shampoo on your brush glove or your hand, begin to gently swirl the the bristles and move them side to side working up a good lather. If you have many brushes to do I recommend doing them all at once instead of one at a time because it takes forever if you don't.

*Rinsing- After all of your brushes are soapy it's time to rinse, use the same method as before hold your brush downward under luke warm water and swirl the bristles on your hand until the water runs clear and you can see no more soap. Gently squeeze any remaining water out of the bristles.

*Conditioning- This step is optional and some people like to mix the conditioner with the shampoo but I like to do mine after. If you choose to use an oil such as argan or olive oil DO mix it with the shampoo, all you need is a tiny drop! First I use a pea size amount on my hand and massage the conditioner into the bristles with my fingers, I do this to all my face brushes and then rinse them again.

*Drying- I always lay my brushes flat on a towel to dry, I know some people use brush guards, I have those and have tried them and I didn't like how long it took for the brushes to dry. I recommend letting your brushes dry for at least 24 hours, brushes such as spoolies, angled liners, and smaller brushes will not take as long and brushes like kabuki and bigger face brushes may take a little longer.

*Polishing the Handle and Ferrule- Don't forget about the handle and ferrule when you clean your brushes! These parts can also carry bacteria and can get dirty over time. The best way to clean the handle and ferrule is by taking a little bit of alcohol on a paper towel and wiping them down.

*Cleaning Other Makeup Tools- Beauty Blenders, sponges and eyelash curlers etc. need to be cleaned as well, when it comes to sponges wet them and massage them in your hands with a drop of shampoo. Squeeze them repeatedly and you'll see the dirty soap come out. Eyelash curlers should be wiped down with alcohol or sanitizing wipes such as germ x, these can also be used to sanitize the ferrule and handles of your makeup brushes.

*Tips: -Sometimes, especially with cheaper brushes your handle can become loose from the ferrule, put a few drops of super glue on the end of the handle and firmly push it back into the ferrule, let dry overnight. I've done this a few times and it works great!
-Don't ever stand your brushes in a cup to dry this can create moisture in the ferrule.
-Try washing brushes with white colored bristles with dawn dish washing liquid with bleach alternative, it will help brighten up the bristles.

Products I recommend:
-Shampoos- Neutrogena anti-residue, Johnson's baby shampoo, Dawn hand renewal dish soap
-Conditioners- Aussie 3 minute miracle, Organix moroccan argan oil, Neutrogena triple moisture
-Oils- Extra virgin Olive, Argan, Almond
-Daily Brush Cleansers- e.l.f, sephora
-Liquid makeup removers- Equate, Maybelline clean express, Neutrogena, Simple
- "Brush Glove" on ebay

How do you clean your makeup brushes?

Coastal Scents Smokey Palette

In my last order I placed with Coastal Scents I ordered this palette, at first I was thinking what about this palette is smokey? Usually when I think of smokey eye I think of whites, silver, blacks, browns and even purples but this has a variety of shades and many of them are very bright and vivid. I have really seen the smokey eye evolve from just your basic black to green, purple, blue and other colors as well. It is amazing the looks you can create to put a spin on a traditional eye look.

The packaging is a thin black matte case with a snap shut lid like many of the other coastal scents palettes.  This palette retails for $20 and has 36 shades the size of the pans are smaller than the hot pots but bigger than the shadows in the 88 palettes I would say about the size of a nickle. There are 12 matte shades, 7 satin shades, 14 shimmer shades, and 3 glitter shades. On most of my eye looks I like to use a combination of shimmer and matte shades, I just feel like it evens everything out and pulls the look together nicely.

Coastal Scents has sectioned these eyeshadows in their own groups of 6 so the shades all coordinate together.

Section 1. Neutrals
Section 2. Greens
Section 3. Purples
Section 4. Silver/Black- (Traditional Smokey eye colors)
Section 5. Blues
Section 6. Pinks

The looks you can do with this palette are endless, so many shades to choose from and of course you can branch out of the sections to create your own colorful masterpiece! These eyeshadows are really hit and miss as you will be able to tell below I have swatches of each group of shades.






 Have you tried this palette? What are your thoughts on it?

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Depotting Eyeshadow Flame and Oven Method

Ok so I have to admit I really need the space in my makeup collection so I did some major depotting. In a way it feels like I'm breaking up my makeup family somehow at the same time lol. I researched ways to depot and found a few different options flame method, oven method and flat iron method. I used the oven and flame method, I did attempt the flat iron method but it didn't seem to get hot enough to do much.

Flame method- Probably the most popular method of depotting eyeshadow, works fast but the smell from the melting plastic is pretty bad. I cover my face with the shirt I'm wearing and it helps.

*Tools needed:
-Thumb tack or pin
-Something to put the depotted eyeshadows on to let them cool.

I recommend doing this outside or in an open area, open windows and turn on a fan. Some people just hold a lighter underneath what they are wanting to depot but the lighter can heat up quick, I use a candle. The easiest way to do this is try to remove any stickers or labels because these can catch fire. Get something to sit the candle on to catch the dripping wax, hold the item you are wanting to depot in the pliers and hold it directly over the flame. Make sure the flame is touching the bottom of the item you are depotting, the plastic will begin to melt but shouldn't drip. Keep an eye on it to make sure it doesn't catch fire, this has happened to me a few times but I just blow out the flame. It only takes about 20-30 seconds so make sure you don't hold it over the flame for too long. After the bottom has begun to melt take your item still holding it with pliers, and put it over the plate or paper towel and stick the thumb tack through the bottom. The product should come out smoothly, if it doesn't you may need to put it back over the flame for a bit longer.

Oven Method- A good way to depot many eyeshadows at once such as a palette.

*Tools Needed:
-Flat cookie sheet pan
-Wax paper
-Oven mitt
-Thumb tack or pin

Pre heat your oven to 250 degrees, line your flat cookie sheet pan with wax paper and put the products you are wanting to depot on the cookie sheet. This is something that times will vary on, keep an eye on it and when you see the plastic starting to warp a little take it out and try to poke underneath with a thumb tack to see if it's soft enough to push through. If it isn't put it back in the oven for a little longer.

Note- When is comes to cream products using both of these methods will of course melt them. If you can scrape out the cream based products before you depot anything if they are in the same palette to avoid them spilling onto your powder products. After you finish the depotting process you will want to remove any remaining glue residue from the bottom of the pan of the product you depotted. The best way to do this is to use rubbing alcohol or acetone. When you get ready to put these in a palette you can either glue them in for a permanent palette, or buy a magnetic palette such as a z palette and buy either magnetic tape or sheet metal both found in craft stores.

                                               Here is the end result, ready for a z palette!
 Something else I decided to make with some of my e.l.f depotted eyeshadows was my own little version of urban decay's smoked palette.
Have you depotted anything lately? What method did you use?

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Awesome Beauty Finds! (dupes)

This is a new type of post that I hope to do more of in the future, I will be talking about neat beauty items I have found that you may not know about. These products will be dupes or close to dupes.

First is something I found and purchased on ebay. Now I'm sure most of you have heard of or may even own a sigma spa glove for washing makeup brushes. I was dying to have one when they first came out, what a neat idea but $40!! No way I was spending that so I got on ebay and was searching textured gloves to see if I could find something similar and I found a silicone oven mitt seen Here. I thought it was similar so I purchased it for around $12. There were other brands beside Norpro so it's just whatever your preference is. I have been very pleased with this glove, before when I used my hand to wash my makeup brushes wax and oil based products wouldn't come completely out of the brushes. Now I have no problem at all and I use it every time I wash my brushes, the textures really do make a difference. It may not have all the neat textures the sigma glove has but you can't beat the price and it works great!

Next up is the Olay Professional Pro-X Advanced Cleansing System Brush. I absolutely love this thing! I definitely wanted a Clarisonic but didn't want to pay $200 for one so I went in search of a dupe and found this at Wal Mart for about $30. This came with a small tube of face cleanser, I wasn't crazy about it but I used it up. This brush has 2 speeds and uses 2 double AA batteries. Now the brush head on this one spins a complete 360 all the way around unlike the Claisonic which moves from side to side or so I've read. There are also replacement heads available for this brush. If you haven't spent the money on a Clarisonic, give this brush a try. I think you will really like it!

Next is a dupe for Victoria's Secret body mist in fresh and clean. I received a Victoria's secret gift set for Christmas last year and it had four mini body mists in it. The fresh and clean was my favorite out of them all, I just knew I'd have to buy the full size once I ran out. I went to Wal Mart a few months ago and noticed Calgon had some new body sprays out and I always have to smell them lol. I noticed the Heart Calgon Fresh Start Body Spray smelled familiar and I had to have it. I got home and found out that it was an almost exact dupe for the Victoria's Secret fresh and clean which is $18 vs Calgon fresh start which is $4. Found my new favorite body spray!

Next is not exactly a dupe but similar. I have been wanting to try the Beauty Blender sponge since I first saw it on a YouTube video. I just couldn't see spending $20 on one makeup sponge so I started looking around on ebay and found one that looked a lot like it. When it finally arrived I was disappointed in the size, it was much smaller than the Beauty Blender and even wet it didn't expand but is still very usable. I have seen Essence Cosmetics has a very close dupe for the Beauty Blender and plan to purchase one when I can find it.

Next is a dupe for eos lip balm, not that eos lip balms are expensive but Walgreens has put out a similar shaped lip balm and so far I have only seen one flavor, watermelon. The shape on the inside is a little different but the flavor is nice and it goes on very smooth. Also recently I have seen that rite-aid has a strawberry lip balm that is the same brand as the walgreens dupe for eos. The packaging is the same and the brand is Revo.

Last but not least is a brush set from Royal Care Cosmetics called premium 4 piece synthetic kabuki makeup brush set. I have read these are great dupes for the Sigma F80 flat kabuki, F82 round kabuki, F84 angled kabuki, and F86 tapered kabuki. Now I do not own any of the sigma brushes but from what I have seen and read these are great dupes. The set from royal care cosmetics is $20 for 4 brushes and the sigma brushes are $21 for just one brush. I love these brushes, they are wonderful! I have put them through rigorous cleaning with my brush glove and had no color bleed, maybe 2 bristles came out, nothing out of the ordinary. I think these are a great investment and I plan to purchase more brush sets from this company in the future.
What are your favorite dupes?

Monday, October 21, 2013

e.l.f Studio Eyebrow Kits

Today I am bringing you another post about a brow product from e.l.f. The studio eyebrow kit from e.l.f comes in 4 shades Ash, Light, Medium, and Dark at $3 each. The packaging is e.l.f's signature sleek black snap shut case with a small plastic window so you can see the colors inside and also includes a small mirror, great for on the go! The applicator that comes with this is fantastic, I love it! I usually don't find applicators that come with e.l.f products that great but this one is very usable.

e.l.f says: Create brows that are fuller, thicker, and more defined! The pigmented wax defines and shapes brows and the color complementing setting powder keeps them looking arched and perfected. The doubled sided taklon brush has one side to help arch your brows while the other side aids in filling them in. This duo provides lasting color definition for a naturally beautiful look.

I have to say out of everything I have tried on my brows this is my favorite. My shade is dark and I go through my brows and brush them out first with a brow brush/comb, then I use the angled end of the brush that comes with the kit and apply the tinted wax in my sparse areas using light strokes. Next I go over that with the powder to set the wax and finally I will apply the essential brow gel from e.l.f. This stays put all day and doesn't budge even on my super oily skin. It's definitely my go to brow product!

Here are some close up pictures of each color, the packaging, the applicator and some swatches!

What do you think, will you try the e.l.f studio eyebrow kit? If you have please share your thoughts on them!