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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

e.l.f Cosmetics Essential Custom Eyeshadow Pans

I have been a long time fan of e.l.f Cosmetics, I own quite a few of their products and I absolutely love the prices. With every makeup brand there are hit and misses, a product I consider a hit would be the essential eyeshadow pans with 18 colors available at only $1 each I had to pick them all up! I am pretty impressed with both the pigmentation and quality in general. The sleek white custom cases that are also $1 are great for these eyeshadow pans, the case snaps shut and has a nice big mirror. The case comes with a double ended brush that fits in the middle of the case. One side is a sponge tip applicator and the other end has a lip brush. I couldn't do much with it so I tossed mine.  Two things I wish e.l.f would consider changing about them is to make a larger version that would hold more pans and also instead of putting magnets on the bottom of the pans just make the palette bottom magnetized.      

The eyeshadow pans themselves are just about the size of a quarter. e.l.f used to also have these same size pans available in  blush, bronzer and lip pans, those have been discontinued.

These eyeshadows didn't seem to have much fallout and went on smoothly. Here are some pictures of the eyeshadow pans in the cases and some swatches of all the colors. I did not use primer under these swatches.

 I hope some of you found this post helpful if you were considering trying these custom eyeshadow pans I would say they are definitely worth it.

e.l.f eyeshadow pans-
e.l.f custom compact-

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