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Sunday, October 6, 2013

Hard Candy Fox in a Box Blush Quads and Bronzer Duos

This post will be about Hard Candy Fox in a Box blushing quads and bronzer duos. I want to apologize in advance for the lighting. I tried all weekend to get good lighting but it just wasn't happening, it was cloudy or raining most of the weekend. I was finally able to get a little sun to take these pictures but unfortunately most of them have a shadow cast. Ok so these retail for $6.00 each at Walmart, as far as I know Hard Candy is sold exclusively at Walmart. There are 5 different boxes available and they contain 5.7 grams of product, the packaging is so cute, a cardboard box with a magnetic flip top lid.  They do come with a brush but I really haven't found it useful although I do like the idea of the convenient black elastic strap you can store it in inside the box. I have been hearing that these may be getting discontinued so if you are wanting them you may want to go to Walmart and pick them up.
First up is Truth or Dare which is a bronzer duo. Both of the shades contain shimmer and are a golden tan and baby pink. The third picture is both of the colors swatched and then a swatch of both colors blended together.

Next is Sweet & Spicy, a blushing quad that has 4 colors. A shimmer coral, shimmer tan, shimmer light pink and a matte deep pink.

Next is Skinny Dipping a bronzer duo that has a shimmer light tan and a matte bright orange.

Next up is Smooth Talker a blushing quad that has 4 colors and all contain shimmer. A golden peach, a light tan, light pink and a coral color. I have read that this is a dupe for Benefit's Sugar Bomb.

Last is Hot Flash a blushing quad that has a shimmer peach, a shimmer light neutral brown color, a satin carnation pink and a matte deep pink color.

Overall I like these, the pigmentation is nice and of course the color can be built up. They go on pretty smooth and who can resist such cute packaging? :) On a side note when I first got these the lids would not close all the way so I set a heavy bottle of body spray on top of them for a day and that did the trick.

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