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Thursday, November 7, 2013

How I Wash My Makeup Brushes

Washing your makeup brushes is just as important as the brushes themselves. Overtime your brushes accumulate makeup, oil, dirt, and bacteria which can lead to clogged pores and breakouts. You should wash your makeup brushes at least once a week but I wash mine once every 2 weeks, that's why there is daily brush cleaner for in between deep cleanings. In this post I will talk about how I wash my makeup brushes and what I use to do so as well as some tips.

*Everyday Cleaning*- This is a convenient and simple step you can take to make sure your brushes are bacteria free between deep cleanings. You will need a daily brush cleaner such as the e.l.f Daily Brush Cleaner. All you need to do is spray the cleaner on the bristles of your brush and swipe the bristles back and forth on a paper towel, repeat if necessary to the bristles are clean. Drying time is short, only a few minutes using this method.

*Deep Cleaning*- This should be done every 1-2 weeks depending on how often you use your makeup brushes. Nothing beats a good deep cleaning, you should know not all shampoos and soaps contain an antibacterial ingredient so you should still include the daily brush cleaner in this step if your brush shampoo doesn't have a ingredient in it that kills bacteria.

Tools I Use-
-Brush Glove (optional) found my dupe on ebay, this thing will change your life!
-Brush Shampoo
-Daily Brush Cleaner

*Pre-treat- This is a step you should take if you have any heavily soiled brushes or brushes that have wax based or oil based products on them such as gel eyeliner and lip gloss. What you will need to do first is take some liquid eye makeup remover and pour a little in a cap or small cup, swirl the bristles of the brush in the solution long enough to loosen the product out.

*Washing- First hold your brush under the faucet using luke warm water, always hold the brush downward to avoid getting any water into the ferrule because it can loosen the glue causing your bristles to fall out! After your bristles are thoroughly soaked spray some of the brush cleaning solution on the bristles but do not rinse, you can skip this step if the brush shampoo you are using contains a antibacterial ingredient. Next add a nickle size amount of shampoo on your brush glove or your hand, begin to gently swirl the the bristles and move them side to side working up a good lather. If you have many brushes to do I recommend doing them all at once instead of one at a time because it takes forever if you don't.

*Rinsing- After all of your brushes are soapy it's time to rinse, use the same method as before hold your brush downward under luke warm water and swirl the bristles on your hand until the water runs clear and you can see no more soap. Gently squeeze any remaining water out of the bristles.

*Conditioning- This step is optional and some people like to mix the conditioner with the shampoo but I like to do mine after. If you choose to use an oil such as argan or olive oil DO mix it with the shampoo, all you need is a tiny drop! First I use a pea size amount on my hand and massage the conditioner into the bristles with my fingers, I do this to all my face brushes and then rinse them again.

*Drying- I always lay my brushes flat on a towel to dry, I know some people use brush guards, I have those and have tried them and I didn't like how long it took for the brushes to dry. I recommend letting your brushes dry for at least 24 hours, brushes such as spoolies, angled liners, and smaller brushes will not take as long and brushes like kabuki and bigger face brushes may take a little longer.

*Polishing the Handle and Ferrule- Don't forget about the handle and ferrule when you clean your brushes! These parts can also carry bacteria and can get dirty over time. The best way to clean the handle and ferrule is by taking a little bit of alcohol on a paper towel and wiping them down.

*Cleaning Other Makeup Tools- Beauty Blenders, sponges and eyelash curlers etc. need to be cleaned as well, when it comes to sponges wet them and massage them in your hands with a drop of shampoo. Squeeze them repeatedly and you'll see the dirty soap come out. Eyelash curlers should be wiped down with alcohol or sanitizing wipes such as germ x, these can also be used to sanitize the ferrule and handles of your makeup brushes.

*Tips: -Sometimes, especially with cheaper brushes your handle can become loose from the ferrule, put a few drops of super glue on the end of the handle and firmly push it back into the ferrule, let dry overnight. I've done this a few times and it works great!
-Don't ever stand your brushes in a cup to dry this can create moisture in the ferrule.
-Try washing brushes with white colored bristles with dawn dish washing liquid with bleach alternative, it will help brighten up the bristles.

Products I recommend:
-Shampoos- Neutrogena anti-residue, Johnson's baby shampoo, Dawn hand renewal dish soap
-Conditioners- Aussie 3 minute miracle, Organix moroccan argan oil, Neutrogena triple moisture
-Oils- Extra virgin Olive, Argan, Almond
-Daily Brush Cleansers- e.l.f, sephora
-Liquid makeup removers- Equate, Maybelline clean express, Neutrogena, Simple
- "Brush Glove" on ebay

How do you clean your makeup brushes?

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