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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

e.l.f Baked Highlighters

Highlighters can be used to achieve a dewy glowing look, the e.l.f baked highlighters are great for just that! Available on, these cost $3.00 each and are available in 3 shades moonlight pearls, pink diamonds, and blush gems. Infused with ingredients that are good for the skin like jojoba, sunflower, grape, apricot, and vitamin e.  The packaging is a plastic dome shaped compact with a flip top lid that is clear, it's not the highest quality but I think it holds up pretty well.

These are highly shimmery and with any face product that is metallic or contains shimmer these can emphasize wrinkles, pores, and other imperfections. These contain a little more shimmer than I like personally but because of this a little goes a long way. These are very sheer when applied dry but can be applied wet to achieve a more intense look.

These highlighters can double as eyeshadows and what I like to do is apply a thin layer over and eyeshadow to give it a shimmery effect, I also like to apply these wet on my lower lash line it looks so awesome! Highlighters can be applied to the cheekbone, browbone, cupids bow, and decollete for a nice glow. Use a fan brush or a large powder brush for larger areas.

Moonlight Pearls- A shimmery beige color
Pink Diamonds- A shimmery light pink color
Blush Gems- A shimmery rose gold/tan color

                                                                  Dry swatches
                                                                 Wet swatches
Have you tried these? What are your thoughts on them?