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Friday, May 23, 2014

Makeup Storage Pizzazz!

How do you store your makeup? I have been using the large 3 and 5 drawer sterilite units, check them out here. You can buy these at walmart or target, I get mine at walmart. The large 3 drawer costs about $17, the smaller 5 drawer costs about $9. The little 3 drawer costs about $6 and let me tell you these are a great cheaper alternative to some of the higher cost makeup storage. I just got tired of the plain jane white so I went and searched online and saw something on pinterest that gave me this idea. All you need is some spray paint, duck tape of your choice, and anything else you can think of to decorate your makeup storage.

You'll want to be outside using spray paint of course, I used a trash bag and 4 large rocks to hold it down. Spray the paint evenly and you may need to do two coats. Let dry outside for at least an hour or 2 before applying your second coat. For the drawers, cut a piece of your tape long enough to cover the front plus a little extra to wrap around the corners.
The spray paint turned out a little uneven on the tops of the units but I can't tell in regular light. I may end up adding more decoration to these. I thought bout doing some black bows or black gems on the drawers.

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