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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Foot Detox Bath

Ok so no matter how clean we may be in the summer we are going to sweat and if you love sandals like I do, sometimes foot odor can be an issue. I have never had a problem with it but in flip flops I do so after doing some research on what would help with this I came across a detox foot bath. After doing a 20 minute detox foot bath 2 times a week for a month I had zero problems with foot odor and I can wear flip flops all day every day! Hooray!!! Here's what you'll need....

1.) A foot bath or a something large enough to completely submerge your feet in.
2.) Hot water from the tap (do not boil or heat in the microwave!)
3.) Epsom salt
4.) Baking Soda
5.) Essential oil for fragrance (optional) I recommend either lavender or peppermint.

Fill your basin with hot tap water, the hotter the better. Add in 1/2 to 1 cup of epsom salt and 1/4 cup of baking soda. The water may be a little too hot at first but you want it to be warm enough to last the full 20 minutes. I get the water as hot as possible and I just stick my heels in at first and then the rest of my feet as the water cools. Either after or before you do your foot bath I recommend you use a foot scrub to help remove dead skin. There are many recipes online for them or a body scrub from Wal-Mart is what I use. Do this at least twice a week and give it 4 weeks you should start seeing good results! Keep doing your foot baths every week!

The foot bath I use it's cheap and works great!

Epsom salt and baking soda are both very cheap and can be purchased at any drugstore.
Epsom salt helps to soothe the muscles and has detoxing properties when used with hot water to help sweat out impurities. Baking soda has anti-fungal properties and leaves the skin soft.

I hope you will have the same great results as I do with this foot detox!

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