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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Coastal Scents Haul!

I recently got a pretty large haul from Coastal Scents....Oh what a happy girl I was when I saw that box had arrived!
Here is what I got!

I picked up about 5 of the new palettes with clear lids to replace my old hot pot palettes. I really like the new ones. I also picked up the elite brush set, concealer pot set, 10 blush palette, blush too palette, and sleek silhouette palette.


  1. Hi there :) I'm looking into buying the 12 interchangeable palette, but am stumped on whether I should get the clear case one or the black case/mirror one. You mentioned that you have both options, so could you please advise? Is the black cover too prone to fingerprints, or is the clear cover easy to break/flimsy feel? Things like that. Thanks in advance! :)

    1. I personally like the black one better, it is prone to a few fingerprints but it cleans up nicely:) I like the clear one too though, as you can see what's inside but it does scratch :/ Neither option is flimsy in my opinion they are both pretty sturdy! Thanks so much for reading:)

    2. Thanks a bunch! I think I'll go with the clear because my fingers tend to get damp-- genetics, eh?-- and constantly cleaning it would drive me up the walls lol, although I like the look of the black. Ah, well. Thanks again. :)

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